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Welcome to skybookGA™, Europe's most integrated pre-flight briefing service for the General Aviation (GA) pilot.
Cut down the time needed for pre-flight preparation, get into the air quicker, remain safe and sane!

Europe's most integrated pre-flight briefing service
"I am a great supporter of skybookGA. As a GA pilot I fly as a hobby and often fly to the same airfields or places. I like your system because once the info has been stored I can access and print all the info I need for my flight within 5mins prior to going to my local airfield. Prior to skybookGA, it would take me around 45mins checking and rechecking all the weather, NOTAMs and other relevant information from different websites which can be very time consuming and prone to errors."
Wai Ki Cheng — skybookGA™ User
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Browse MET, NOTAM and chart data
Browse MET, NOTAM and chart data from the comfort of your armchair in the knowledge that you are seeing the latest up to date information, from approved sources, delivered to you by a dedicated team of professionals.
Find airfield information quickly
The worldwide database, maintained by skybookGA™ is the same as that used by airports and international commercial aircraft operators. Add your own landing places and farm strips for the skybookGA™ community to share.
Swiftly generate route specific briefing packs
If you often fly the same route, simply create the briefing pack with MET, NOTAM and charts data you need and save it in your personal space at the skybookGA™ data centre. When the time comes to fly, log-in, go to 'Personal Packs', select your 'Stored Pack' and click 'Print'. Three clicks and you're off. Couldn't be simpler.
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"May I say how useful it is to have all this information presented after a few clicks. I will certainly be continuing my subscription."
David Crouchman — skybookGA™ User

"This really is a very good piece of software, and has made such a huge difference to a GA pilot like me."
Martyn Love — skybookGA™ User

"SkybookGA is still miles ahead of anything else I have come across!"
Greg Bell — skybookGA™ User

"I tell all my pilot friends how good your site is, and I always use it especially when flying abroad."
Graham Brunwin — skybookGA™ User

"Great new Plog feature on the site, love it. Very impressed. Thanks again for a great product."
Matt Cunningham — skybookGA™ User

"May I thank you for making this product even better and more useful. I have been a supporter of skybookGA for 3 years now and recommended it to many friends and acquaintances."
David Graham — skybookGA™ User